Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bloody Babies

This is what transpired at the coffee stand window while waiting for my latte:
Johnny: Mom mumble mumble baby Emmett mumble out?
Me: What Johnny?
Johnny: Was there mumble mumble baby Emmett?
I turn off the engine.a
Me: What did you say?
Johnny: Ws there blood when baby Emmett came out?
Me: Um....Yes?

Pregnant pause.
Me: Why?
Johnny: Because in that 1 movie-
Me: Wait what movie? ( I cannot think of a single movie Johnny would have seen that had babies being born in it).
Johnny: you know, at the beginning of your sword games the baby has blood on it.
Me: Oh you mean assassins creed. Yes. Yes, there's blood when babies come out, but it's okay it's just a little bit.
I lied to my son. There is a lot of blood. But that's not my point. This question was out of nowhere and I wasn't really ready. At least he didn't ask how baby Emmett got into Aunt B's tummy. ( The correct answer when speaking to a 4 year old is because God put him there).

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