Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Gruesome Death of Flabbius Corpus

Last weekend I hosted a joint birthday party for Larch and his brother. A murder mystery dinner party. A TOGA murder mystery.
You can buy kits to throw a murder mystery dinner party. Two years ago, we went to a party based in a redneck bar by the company BePuzzled. Last night was Roman Ruins by Decipher, Inc. How To Host A  Murder. We didn't like this format as well, but still had so much fun.
There were 8 characters. My brother in law, BAT, played the roman senator, Harangus Adnauseum. Larch played the Roman commander, Maximus Testosterous. My sister in law, BRT was Flotilla, the widow of a Roman merchant, now in charge of her late husband's fleet of ships. My sister-in-law, L, was Mercedes Corpus, the rich and extravagant widow of Flabbius Corpus, the murder victim and renowned poet. My 13 year old niece, played Rotunda Immaculetta, a Vestral Virgin. My brother in law, J, played Licentious Ceasar, son of Disgustus Ceaser.  My other brother in law, JZ, played Bogus Fortunotus, the fortune teller. And I, had the honor, of playing Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. I can't give you more details in case you would like to try this very fun and exciting game.
I had tons of fun decorating my living room like a roman homel. I hung gold curtains from my ceiling  to create the feeling of a Roman veranda. We pulled out the futon to lay flat and spread a gold and red bedspread across it to create a lounging area. We served a Roman feast of hummus, crackers, cheese, bread, fruit, and roast chicken on the coffee table covered with a silver cloth.
Maximus Testorous
The costume and the creativity were amazing. My husband put together his gladiator costume from cardboard and an old hard hat. My niece wore my old prom dress.  JZ wore a gold turban and a velvety blue cape. And I put together this amazing Cleopatra for 6 dollars at goodwill, an old gold tablecloth, and some beads I had in my crafting drawer. I also needed to dye my hair to cover my gray, so I chose to dye my hair black. Now I look like a gothic crazy mama. Yes, I have  gray hair at 27; I'm crazy and have 2 kids.
All in all, we had a total blast I can't wait to do it again. Perhaps for my birthday we will try the game set in 1940s Chicago and we will all be gangsters.
I love my crazy family.

PS  Picture of my Cleopatra is coming, I promise. I just haven't received the email yet.

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