Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best Date Ever

I am almost ashamed to admit my best date ever was not with my husband. It was with my 4 year old son, Johnny.
Today started out as a lazy Sunday. Larch and I laid in bed watching PBS while the kids played on the floor. Then I got the phone call.
We had not seen my son's best friend, C, since his birthday before Thanksgiving. His mother called to initiate a playdate. Within 20 minutes my son and I were both dressed, my make up was on, and we were out the door. The boys played for an hour and a half before we finally went out to lunch. The plan from there was to meet at the skating rink for birthday party. It turns out the mother of the birthday boy moved the party and didn't tell his dad. I personally find this an overly bitchy thing to do. C and his mother ended up going home to take a nap, but Johnny and I stayed to skate for about 45 minutes.
Johnny had never skated before. So I got teach him how to skate. We made it all the way around the rink 1 time. After that, he wanted to go in the little kid area so he could practice. Finally got the confidence up to skate without holding my hand. He did absolutely amazing for a 4 year old. I am so proud of him
We played in the arcade for a while where he won 50 tickets. We came home with 2 spider rings and 2 miniature plastic jets.
Then he went with me to the grocery store where he decided we were going to have corn dogs for dinner. I had 1 dollar in cash in my pocket so we also bought a scratch ticket. She was so excited to watch me scratch it. We won 6 dollars so we cashed in and bought another 5 dollar card. When we got home and scratched that one we won 12 dollars.
I told Larch, I haven't had that much fun on a date since before we were married.


  1. How fun! I had a date with my 4-yr-old today too. He took me to Burger King and, instead of playing at the playplace, he sat and talked with me the whole time... sometimes us Mommas just need attention, you know? :)

    1. Absolutly. And attention from the little man is the best kind.


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