Links I LOVE

Blogs I Like Reading

The Bloggess Jenny is my blog crush. Totally entertaining and awesome blog. If you don't follow her already, start. Seriously. She's amazing. And buy her book. Let's Pretend This Never Happened.

The Cherry Dollface This is where I get my hair and make up tips. In my opinion, this is one of the best YouTube channels for vintage hair and make-up. My husband says she is my hair idol. He might be right. I love her stuff so much. And she is such a hottie.

Other sites I visit daily are stuff like social networking and email and boring stuff, like my bank and the library.

Check back often, I might add cool new sites  or blogs as I fall in love and decide I can't live without them, and wake up hoping they have a fresh post for me to read.

Site I use for Graphic's and Pictures.

If I don't get my graphics and photos from my own camera or one of these site, I will source it in the post. free photos for public use.