Citizen's of Redneckville

Larch. My roughneck husband.

Johnny. Age 9. My son. Also known as The Boy or Tablet Head

Lily or Lilybean. My daughter. Age 6. I can't believe she is in Kindergarten now and can read (mostly).
Tim the Toolman--Larch's younger brother. He like's to modify things to make them bigger, faster, and more powerful.
The Hot Italian--Tim The Toolman's girlfriend. She has two sons, D and N.
Dorkfish--Tim the Toolman's teenage daugheter. Dorkfish is a nickname from when she was 7. She is now almost an adult and an amazing young woman.

The Artist--Larch's Sister. She paints. And sells her paintings.
JZ--The Artist's husband. In the winter, he wears a ZZ Top style beard; in the spring, he shaves it off and looks like a whole different person. He is Johnny's fishing hero.
The Artist and JZ have a one year old son, I don't have an alias for him yet.

Superman-Larch's youngest brother. He used to be comic book obsessed. Then he had kids.
Lois Lane-Superman's wife (duh). She is the baby in the family, as far as the adults go. I'm not sure how she survives their Irish Twins and goes to school.
BamBam-Superman and Lois Lane's oldest. He is 4.
CJ--Superman and Lois Lane's Youngest, He is 3. 

Mama T--My mother-in-love. Larch's mom. Yes, I was intentionally redundant.

Mom and Dad--MY parents

Auntie Am-My sister

Tennille. My best friend and partner in crime. Mother of 6. The reason I am still sorta sane.
Captain--Tennille's husband

BossyPants. Captain and Tennille's 9 year old daughter.
Flipper. Captain and Tennille's 6 year old son.

Bella Rose. Captain and Tennille's 5 year old daughter. Lily's best friend.

Tank--Captain and Tenille's 1 year old son. He went from a cute little baby to a hefty toddler so very fast.

Crash Girl and Geek Boy--our good friends who are almost always at every family event
HayHay-Crash Girl's 7 year old daughter

Crash Girl and Geek Boy have a toddler. He doesn't yet have a alias.

Princess George--our female Elf on the Shelf


Fetchel, Pepper, and Kyra--Tim the Toolman and The Hot Italian's
Titan--The Artists and JZ's
Dakota--Crash Girl and Geek Boy's

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