Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 Birthdays, 7 days

When people say "I'm glad Christmas is here, the stress is ending," I smile.  The 30 days after Christmas are generally as busy as the 30 days leading up to it, if not more so.  The 26th of December is my mother-in-law's birthday. Then we have New Years Eve. This could be skipped, but I married into a partying, drinking family and we like an excuse to hang out and lower our inhibitions. Recently, we have added to the list Emmett's Birthday. This year it's awesome, next year not so much and this is why. January 8-Emmett's Birthday; January 16-Lily's Birthday; January 18-Larch, my mom and my dad share a birthday (that's actually kinda convienent); January 19- my Nana's birthday; January 22-Emmett's daddy's birthday. Yep that's right, 6 birthdays in 7 days.

This year January looked like this.  New Years eve with Larch and Johnny. The following weekend (this most recent one) we have a house full of people to celebrate the birth of baby Emmett. This coming Friday will be Lily's second birthday party. Saturday and Sunday we will help my MIL move into her new apartment. sometime between Monday and Thursday we will likely have dinner with my Nana and Gramps, sister, mom, and dad, to cover all the birthdays on my side of the family. This also is a good thing. I found out today Gramps' cancer is in remission and I will be able to see him and hug him and share my children with him for the first time since Halloween.  Saturday the 21st I am planning to throw a joint party for my hubby and his brother. After that I plan to sleep for a week.

I like to complain about how tiring this is, and with BPD it is very tiring. But really, I love it. Family is the most important thing in my life (or should be) and I love being around with, seeing them, and generally goofing off with them. Sometimes I wish every month could be like this and then I look at my house and realise i hate cleaning way to much to entertain every other weekend all year long.  No really. Ask anyone, I don't like to clean.


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