Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday--Redneck life

Here are 10 things that put me in the redneck category, even though, in all honesty, I'm only a redneck when no one is looking.

Lily in her Camo dress.
1.) The best Monday of my life was February 27, 2012 because the Daytona 500 was postponed so I got to watch the biggest NASCAR race of the year followed by Castle. This was only made more redneck by the fact that I like watching BIG EXPLOSIONS. Thank you Juan Puablo for the entertainment. So glad you are ok. Wish is wasn't you. You are my number one favorite driver. Check out the action here.

2.) The 4th of July holiday starts with bump to pass races and a demolition derby on the 3rd.

3.) I dress both my son and my daughter in Camo. Acutally, we all wear camo. Or used to. My camo pants no longer fit, but I have asked my husband to stop buying stuff for everyone but me when he goes to the sporting goods store. I told him to bring me a pink camo sweatshirt or something.

Larch and his mini-me, Johnny, in their matching Real Tree coats.
4.)We go to Cabela's for pictures with Santa Claus

5.) I wear Carhardts. It's worse. I wear double knee Carhardts.  The look good on me too.

6.) I drive a jacked up Toyota. Ok, it's really my husband's jacked up 4Runner.  And I'm still kind of a Chevy girl. However, I drive his jacked up 4runner more often than I drive my crappy little Saturn that used to be nice before I fell asleep and drove it into a tree. We do own a '74 Chevy, but it doesn't run.

7.) My living room is decorated on one side with model ships, on the other it is a conglomeration of bears, bows and arrows, wood carvings, and elk, moose, and deer sheds. For those of you not redneck, sheds are antlers that are dropped in midwinter the way a dog sheds it's coat in summer. You go shed hunting just after the last snow melts. Shed hunting is basically a long hike, way up in the mountains, but you look at the ground and hope to find antlers.

8.)  I lettered in football in high school. I'll let you figure out how  a 5 foot nothing, at the time, 100 pound, wimp lettered in football. I was NOT a kicker.

9.) I own two cowboy hats. But I look the better in my husbands. It has bear claws hanging off the back of it.

10.) My backyard doubles as my kitchen in the summer.

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