Monday, February 20, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday--Derby Girl

Possible Name IF I Were Going to be a Derby Girl

My group leader at MOPS is a derby girl, and for the last couple months she has been telling me that I am too, I just don't know it yet.  The first time she said this, I came home and told my husband and he laughed. Then my brother-in-law, J.Z., came over and we started drinking and I beat up my sons punching bag. Then I forgot about it for a while.  Then I started on my vintage hair kick. I got a message via Facebook that I really am derby girl material. Still not so sure, but kinda toying with the idea now. Love the idea of new friendships, love the idea of the work out, not so sure about the bruises and the trip outside my comfort zone. I'm sure I would have a ton of fun. So, in the spirit of toying with the idea, I have asked my husband, his siblings, and other friends and family what they think my derby name would be IF I got over myself and stepped outside my comfort zone.  Here are seven.

Anita Str8jacket Ok this wasn't actually suggested by family, but it should have been since it fits me so perfectly. It was generated for me HERE.

Super8 This was chosen for me by my 4 year old son, Johnny. And he wants to be Super 7 and be my teammate. He also wanted to name his new baby cousin Pistol.

Madre Mayhem My sister-in-law, B, suggested this one. I kinda like it.

C!@# Commander My brother-in-law, J, suggested this....there are two options for the first word, neither of which I am willing to post un-encrypted on my blog. I will not be using this name if I get the guts up to be a Derby Girl.

Atomic Annie This was Larch's suggestion. I know as my husband he is excited about my new found interest in vintage hairstyles. He says it's so much better than my Punky Brewster look. This was his attempted at a 1940-esque name for me.

Breanna Wannalotta Payne my brother-in-law, JZ, came up with this one. Extra points for trying to use my real name.

Babe Ruthless My brother in law, B, came up with this one. I shot him down since it is the name the girl in Whip It uses. But he tried.

I know my lists are supposed to have 10 things (of course those are my rules so I can bend them), but after pestering my family, I only got 7 answers back. I'll gladly take suggestions from readers. Leave them below in the comments. I know you are all creative geniuses.

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