Saturday, March 10, 2012

One Exciting Saturday

I am sitting in a McDonald's Play Space eating a late lunch.  Even though I am doing it, I do not understand why anyone would sit in a room that smells like feet to eat their food. Seriously, we become brain damaged when we become mothers.

My exciting started an hour before the realization that I was eating in a foot stench. I took my kids to the park by myself for the first time this year. They have been to the park already this year with me and their dad, with their uncle, and with just their dad, but this was the years first solo trip for me. They installed swings at the ark closest to our house last week, so I braved the trip knowing I could walk to the park with the least traffic and best child viewing without whining because now there are swings.

It was going really well. Lily learned to use the climbing wall without mom's help. (It's only maybe 3 feet high and she's a 2 year old monkey in girls clothing.) Johnny was helping Lily go down the slide. And we were the only people at the park.

Then the people showed up. A family with a couple of prepubescent boys. They didn't run around knocking my kids over, they just got on the only two big kid swings and went really high, causing both my kids to want to swing. So I put Lily in one baby swing, and Johnny, my small 4 year old in the other and we giggled as I tried to push them at the same time.

Johnny wanted to go higher, so I pushed harder, and higher, and then he screamed. I figured he was scared, so I grabbed the swing to slow him down. Then, I saw it. A small bloom of red in his nose. He had smacked his nose on the swing and it was bleeding. And it was my fault. It wasn't a gusher, but it was bleeding. I told him very calmly to gently push his sister while I went to the Honeybucket for some TP.

The almost teenagers had left and were replaced by 3 little girls and their dad. I tried to put a little twist of TP up Johnny's nose, but he took one look at the girls and said "I don't want to look like a dork." I laughed a little, wiped his face and let him go. It wasn't bleeding that bad anyways. A little wipe every 15 minutes or so kept his face blood free.

When if finally got cold enough that my ears hurt, I bribed the kids to leave the park with the promise of McDonald's and that I would go inside and not through the drive-thru.  That is how I came to be eating my nuggets in a room that smells of feet.


  1. Hey Brea :)

    I found you in the A - Z sign up list and wanted to say hi since I like your blog :) I'm following you too :D

    It wasn't your fault, kids bleed all the time. It's so adorable that he didn't want to look silly in front of the little girls! Sounds like a lovely Saturday :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

    1. My kids bleed more than all the time it seems. I know this will not be the last time I inadvertently hurt my son. However, it is good to know this far in advance how much of Ladies Man he's gonna be right.

      Good Luck with the A-Z Challenge!


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