Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Great Skirt Experiment: Day 3

We spent the weekend at my sister-in-law, E's house. The first batch of 2013 beer was ready to bottle, and the second is now brewing.
Brewmaster Larch

I let E know what I was doing, since she doesn't see me regularly enough to catch on. I'm not sure if Larch has caught on yet or not. On Friday, I realized I didn't have enough skirts to really pull this off, so I went to Ross and bought myself three new skirt, a dress, and sandals. Since Larch knew this, I think he might just assume I am really excited about my new clothes and want to wear them all right away.

When I wore my new strapless maxi dress today, he asked if I was going hippie on him. But all in all he has liked all of my new outfits.

I am really loving that I feel feminine and pretty, even when I'm just playing board games in the yard, getting a massive sunburn.

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