Saturday, June 1, 2013

Great Skirt Wrap UP.


Wearing skirts for 30 days isn't that bad. Except that I only have 6 skirts. So I had to really keep up on laundry to keep it up.

Larch noticed. His only reaction was to tell me I was turning into my mother. Not a bad thing I guess. Also, I told him that most of the skirts I wore, were not in a style that my mom would wear.

I didn't make it the full thirty days. I only went 25 days. Because I didn't keep up on the laundry.

When I went back to jeans, no one seemed to care. Although S, my brother in law B's girfriend, did all the sudden realize I had been wearing only skirts for "awhile."

The most noteworthy things I learned are:

1. You always feel feminine and pretty when wearing a skirt. Even if it's with a sweatshirt and you have no make up and might have forgotten to brush your hair.


2. Skirt, longer ones anyaways, make it much easier to hide that extra weight you don't want anyone to notice.


  1. Tony loves when I wear skirts. I have several. I NEVER wear them unless we are going out.

    Someday soon, I swear I'm gonna bust them out just because. I wonder if he'll notice.

    1. He will. I hope. Being a mom I rarely wear make up if we aren't going out. I always get comments when I wear makeup just because.

  2. I like the longer skirts because you don't need to be so diligent about shaving your legs! And in the winter you can wear knee-highs instead of tights.

    1. I know right? Cuz getting 5 minutes alone to shower is hard enough. If you can skip shaving you can be out before the kids realize where you are.


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