Friday, May 3, 2013

The Great Skirt Experiment

I'm starting an experiment today.

Growing up my mom never wore pants, she only wore skirts or dresses. She did, for a period of time, wear a pair of overalls when she gardened. This last Christmas, she bought a pair of jeans because everybody else was wearing jeans for family pictures and so my kids have not experienced Grandmama in only skirts.

While I was deciding what my style is going to be this summer, since I'm no longer ashamed of my weight, I started buying and making boho skirts. I figure they will provide a nice but casual look and will allow me the comfort of shorts without blinding my friends with my pale skin.

Starting today I am NOT going to wear jeans or pants for a month. I am also, not going to tell anyone of my intentions, except, obviously, for you my dear readers. 

Johnny doesn't think I can do it. I want to go camping for Mother's Day and he thinks you have to wear jeans when you go camping. Every memory I have of camping as a child, my mother wore denim skirts, not jeans. 

The experiment part is seeing how long it takes the people in my daily life, my husband, my brothers-in-law, friends I see regularly, etc, to notice that I haven't been wearing pants . Also, when I start wearing jeans again, I want to see thier reaction, if they have one. 
These are the things that come from being a bored stay at home mom with very little social life


  1. I love wearing skirts! I love that with long ones, you can get away with wearing knee-highs instead of tights in the winter.

    My mother-in-law only wears skirts. In fact, when we visit, she wears the same outfit every day. I haven't figured out if she just has 7 identical, perfectly starched outfits or what. But I've never seen a wrinkle or a stain on that woman!

    1. I love wearing skirts to I feel very feminine and pretty.


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