Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Mac and Cheese.

You know you are a mother of preschoolers when you eat one of three things for lunch every day: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chicken nuggets, or mac and cheese.

We eat a lot of mac and cheese in our house. Lily asks for it by name. Johnny wants hot dogs in his. I add either pepper or chili powder to mine, just to make it less bland. We buy the stuff in the blue box, but I also make mac and cheese from scratch on occasion.

When we make the blue box stuff, Johnny wants to help. In fact, he cries if I don't tell him it's time to add the butter, milk, and cheese powder. He wants to pour everything in and stir it all up. When I make the scratch kind, it means my niece is over.

I prefer the taste of the stuff I make with elbow noodles, milk, and melted Velveeta, but I love the speed and ease of making the stuff in the box.

What kind of mac and cheese do you make? How do you make it more palatable for your adult tastes?


  1. ya know, i have only ever had the mac and cheese out of the box once and i could only have one bite! i didn't eat it while growing up. we usually bake ours when we have it and we thrown in some butternut squash. once we threw in some apples! btw in regards to your comment on my E is for Education post, your son is lucky. Not everyone has parents that model good reading skills.

    1. I never ate the stuff out of the box until I went to college. It was quick and easy, and I had to get used to it. We always made if from scratch growing up.

      Thanks, my mother is an English teacher, so I'm just following her example.


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