Friday, December 16, 2011


This last couple weeks has been full of firsts for us; so, I'm adding another: fist blog. Someday, maybe I'll be good at this, right now, I'm gonna wing it.

Firsts. In the last two weeks, I got my own twitter account, took Lily (my 23 month old daughter) to her first dentist appointment, went to Johnny's (My 4 year old son) first Christmas program, gave away my first teacher gift as a parent, and now have started my first blog. I'm excited

It makes me think how we count firsts. First smile, first food, first word, first steps, first haircut, first friend, first day of school, first loose tooth, first girl/boy friend. But mom's have firsts too. I mean obviously first baby, all their firsts, but what about the ones no one celebrates.

There are good mom firsts and bad.
The good include first date night after baby that isn't spent talking about nothing but the baby, or first meal you cook without someone hugging your leg and screaming.

The bad seem more numerous: first breakdown in McDonalds because your preschooler won't come out of the playland and you can't climb in after him because your nursing his sister, or the first time you scream your head off because they just pushed one too many of mommies buttons.

My most recent favorite first was first anniversary present from my son; Exorsist green stomach flu right after my dinner date. It's kinda funny now, and I probably won't forget it soon.

We are told to cherish every moment with our kids. I say we should also cherish motherhood, those small failures and triumphs in life that may or may not be caused by our kids. If our kids grow fast, our time as mothers of kida and babies and preschoolers is just as short. They are only young once, so are we only in this stage of life for a little while.

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