Friday, June 6, 2014

Johnny Turns 7

My first baby turned 7 at 6:42 this morning. I wasn't as upset as I thought I'd be.  Although I did tell my mom, or maybe it was my bestie to shut up when they pointed it out as I lit candles on his cake this afternoon. Today was also his last day of 1st grade. They grow up so darn fast.

Johnny wanted a Seattle Seahawks birthday party this year. Seeing as how they are the Superbowl Champions and I grew up in Seattle and they are the closest NFL team to our location and that we are just huge Seahawks fans anyways (even when they sucked), I said ok. The theme went as far as his invitations and the shirt he chose to wear today. Although I did make a football field cake.

Johnnhy talked me into inviting all the boys in his class over after school. Thank goodness only 5 of them were able to come. But I learned something. Seven year old boys in a group will entertain themselves. Also, if you ask if they are hungry, they will say no, but if you tell them you have pizza, they will run you over. And 6 first and second graders can drink a gallon and a half of Kool Aid in less than an hour.

Tomorrow we will have a family BBQ for the aunts and uncles and close family friends (read my bestie and her three kids who weren't invited to all boys party). Since it will be a Saturday, I will be writing another installment of "Saturdays in Redneckville" Sunday afternoon or Monday Monring (smart money is on Monday after the company and the hangovers are gone).

If you don't want to see a bunch of pictures of my son's party, stop here and come back later, otherwise, here are a bunch of pictures of my son and 5 little boys whose faces you can't see. Oh, and a close up of the letter T on Johnny's birthday cake for the Motherhood{honestly} June Photo Challange.

Lily doesn't know it's already busted and completely empty.

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