Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yay Fall!

So, It looks like I might be a once a month blogger. At least for a little while.

August was crazy busy at work with inventory and  few big sales and everyone else taking vacation time. Add a sky that was the color of muddy water because of wildfire smoke to being pregnant and working 27 hours a week on my feet and you had one exhausted (and probably cranky) lady on your hands. Things are finally calming down though, and,  at least for now, the smoke is gone.

Back on August 12th, we went in for our ultrasound (I know guys, I am trying really hard to not turn into a full on mommy blogger, but I am a mom who attempts to blog and when you have  little person growing inside you, it sort of consumes your whole brain space) and discovered that we are having another little girl! My son cried, my daughter threw a party, and my husband and I were just happy everything looked a-OK and she appears to be a healthy little one developing right on track.

Yes we have a name picked out: Evelyn Gayle.

Now, about that smoke. Living in the beautiful country of North Idaho puts us right in the middle of all the northwest fires. The big ones are over in central Washington, but would take less than a day to drive over and see. there are two or three large complexes (that's fires that are actually three or more little fires all being fought and managed by the same group of amazing men and women) in North Idaho. One up in Priest Lake (called the Tower or Kaniksu complex fire) and one over near Clark Fork (I cannot remember this ones name.) This means we get all the smoke. It makes it hot, and muggy, and hard for healthy people to breath. Seriously, until this weekend when we (finally and blessedly) got some rain, we were bordering on hazardous air quality conditions. The "experts" say that the smoke is going to come back, and that even if no new fires start, we will probably be dealing with at least a bit of smoke through November.

And that leads me to the YAY FALL part. With the rain, came cooler temperatures. We are not supposed to get up over 76 or something like that this week, with most days being in the upper 60's. Since yesterday was September 1st, Pumpkin everything is back and I am one happy camper. Fall is my favorite season, followed by Christmas (yes Christmas is it's own season, not just a holiday). The boy goes back to school next week, and on the same day, the bean will start her first day of kindergarten. Fall may not officially start for another three weeks or so, but according to me it has officially arrived. If you will excuse me, it is my day off from work and I am going to go back some pumpkin cookies that I have been craving for three weeks and putting off because it was still August.


  1. Sorry to hear about the smoke- it is however, better than the fire. And a GIRL! Hugs to all involved!

  2. Congrats!!!

    I am WAY behind as well... lost my mojo... blah, blah... trying to catch up when I can, not making any promises.

    So, smoke... yuck! Baby, YEAH!, Fall, YEAH!!!

    Also my favorite season. We are still in the mid 70's, but dryer this week. No rain on the horizon until Wednesday which makes for a fantastic holiday weekend, but a crappy ragweed pollen count.


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